Our next event November 18
Our next event November 18




Our Young Heroes

        Ottawa's Top                     FIGHT ORGANIZATION

Thrill To Watch!

What an amazing night of fights! Once again Heroes Combat League comes out and puts on an event with great fighters who come to put on a good show! All fought hard and well with their family and friends to cheer them on! Thanks to Patrick Marcil for his help as always and his great crew that is always there! Cage side Garmamie Sideau and Lewis Hill for commentary! Soon to be on our YouTube channel Ring Announcer of the century! Dylan Black Our great referee James Thunder Polodna who was fair and very safe! We look forward to seeing you all November 18!                                                                               The film makers of Obscura Creatives!


Heroes Combat League is brought to you by a long standing of local city competitions.

Through thick and thin all fighters have to make their own way to the

top. Heroes Combat League is a pathway to make that transition smooth and almost seemless for the local mixed martial artist. Here to give today's young up and coming

talent a place to show case what they have trained so hard to do. Entertain you OTTAWA!



Sands vs Kayolo Results


Rouda 144.2 lbs vs K. Bastien 144.4lbs

Winner: Bastien via Submission (RNC), Round 3


W. Louis 180lbs vs M.Fatoric 180lbs

Winner: Fatoric, Judges decision


S. Doucette 213lbs vs P.Patry 215lbs

Winner: Doucette,TKO, Ground and Pound, Round 3


G.Poulin 168.4lbs vs D. Beauchamp 170lbs

Winner: Poulin, TKO, Ground and Pound, Round 3


S. Lacasse 170lbs vs M. Burton 170lbs

Winner: Burton, TKO, Ground and Pound, Round 1


Second half of the show:


M. Zebrasky 185lbs vs Mikael Arsenault 185lbs

Winner: Arsenault via Guillotine Choke(Archangel choke), Round 1


C. James McLeod 167.6lbs vs D. McGregor 168.6lbs

Winner: McGregor, TKO, Round 3


J.Enrique 162.6lbs vs S. Larose 164.4lbs

Winner: Enrique, Submission (Armbar), Round 3


Alex Barne 145lbs vs. Justin Grant 147.2lbs

Winner: Grant, KO (Spinning back kick), Round 1


Main event: Welterweight Title Match (5 rounds)

T. Sands 167.4lbs


Eric Kayolo 168lbs


Winner: Sands, Judges decision