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Our next events, August 19 and November 18




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Heroes Combat League,                                                   Last event was amazing as always at Sala San Marco Hall! Connors vs Morin was a hug success! Thanks to all the fighters who came out to put on a great show! Apeiron MMA Patenaude Martial Arts Empire MMA Pathway Jiu-Jitsu Experience MMA Forte Arts Martiax Evolution BJJ Extreme Couture Force Fitness H2O MMA With the help of Pat Marcil and may of his crew as well as my own,Tania, Nadia, Juwan, Brittany, Amanda, Mitch, Craig, and many more we were able to supply this wonderful city with some great fights! Special thanks goes to Dylan Black, Aaron and Lewis Hill, Kajan Johnson and all Judges Derek Kossatz, Marek and James Polodna for being great judges!


Heroes Combat League is brought to you by a long standing of local city competitions.

Through thick and thin all fighters have to make their own way to the

top. Heroes Combat League is a pathway to make that transition smooth and almost seemless for the local mixed martial artist. Here to give today's young up and coming

talent a place to show case what they have trained so hard to do. Entertain you OTTAWA!


Results April 15th at Sala San Marco Hall

Morin vs Connors

Results for April 15th

Matt Therrien 1:28 of round 3 - Americana
Devon Mcintyre !:07 of round 3 - Guillotine
Shawn Larose 2:21 of round 2 - Rear naked (Short) choke
Maxime Denis :26 of round 2 - TKO
Ron Chhinzer - Unanimous 30-27, 30-27, 30-26
Gabriel Giugere 2:00 of round 2 - Armbar
Mikael Arsenault 2:49 of round 2 - Armbar
Maxime Fournier - unanimous
Nic Pednault - :57 of round 1 - Arm triangle
Isaac Blais - HIckey - Technical draw, 29-28, 28-29, 28-28

Shawn Lalonde :54 of round 1 - Guillotine

Vincent Morin - :14 of round 2 - KO

Congratulations to all the fighters and their coaches!

Nabil Khatib