Our Young Heroes

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Thrill To Watch!

Great night of fights Nov 18th just past and what a night it was! Every fight was more exciting then the next and the Juniors who started off the show gave it their all to give the crowd what they were looking for! UFC Referee had some great things to say about the event and hope to have him back soon! Look forward to our next show in January! Future dates coming soon!

Heroes Combat League is brought to you by a long standing of local city competitions. Through thick and thin all fighters have to make their own way to the top. Heroes Combat League is a pathway to make that transition smooth and almost seemless for the local mixed martial artist. Here to give today's young up and coming talent a place to show case what they have trained so hard to do. Entertain you OTTAWA!



Muay Thai

Austin Joel vs Alex Brault 

Joel at 1:43 round 2 KO


Jacob Anderson vs Ryan Arreola

unanimous Arreola


Ethan Cook vs Garret Nicholson

unanimous Cook


Vince Veys-German vs Dylan Stuckless

split decision Dylan



Brad Richardson vs Keith Micomonaco -

unanimous Miconomaco


Shane O'Reiley vs Mohamed Rhouda -

:32 round 1 via Anaconda O'Reiley


Roman Nanynets vs Douglas MacGregor -

1:25 round 2 via RNC MacGregor


Matt Therrien vs Sami Token

:09 round 1 Therrien KO


Colin James MacLeod vs Mike Burton -

2:12 round 2 MacLeod via Guillotine


Joe Menhem vs. Raphael Gaudreau -

:36 round 2 Menhem via TKO


Devon McIntire vs Bogdan Dimitru -

:40 round 1 McIntire via RNC


Chad Baird vs Guillaume Poulin

2:40 round 1 Poulin via KO


Mike Jones vs Ryan Hickey -

unanimous Jones