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Thrill To Watch!

Look forward to this next event as 2017 will be the year of champions! To kick off the year we hava "Tripl Threat" Feb 3rd, Muay Thai fights to get stared and MMA to finish it off with 3 TITLE FIGHTS ON THE LINE! Don't miss it!

Heroes Combat League is brought to you by a long standing of local city competitions. Through thick and thin all fighters have to make their own way to the top. Heroes Combat League is a pathway to make that transition smooth and almost seemless for the local mixed martial artist. Here to give today's young up and coming talent a place to show case what they have trained so hard to do. Entertain you OTTAWA!


"Triple Threat"

Muay Thai


Malik Lavari 135lbs 1-0 Headrush Training Center

(Winner by Split Decision)


Paul Delienne 140lbs 0-0 Patenaude Martial Arts


Chris Blades 135lbs 4-3 Headrush Training Centre

(Winner Unamious Decision)


Serge Rochon 135lbs 3-0 Empire MMA





Corey Isaacs 200lbs 0-0 Empire MMA

(Winner RNC 2:44 min Round 1)


Arnaud Malette 200lbs 0-0 Patenaude Martial Arts


Kevin Dorion 165lbs 0-0 Team Bushido MMA


Alex Lacelle 165lbs 0-0 Patenaude Martial Arts

(Winner TKO 1:50 sec Round 2)

Kevin Bastien 150lbs 1-0 Evolution Tristar

(Winner Split)


Mathieu Sauvage 150lbs 0-0 Patenaude Martial Arts


Colin James McLoud 175lbs 1-1 Tiger’s Lair Karate


Mason Fatoric 175lbs 1-0 Team Bushido MMA

(Winner Armar 1:36 sec Round 1)


Joel Luc Brazeau 135lbs 1-0 Seaway Academy


Serge Dancos 135lbs 1-0 Patenaude Martial Arts

(Winner Armbar 1:51 sec Round 1)



Adam Sproule 185lbs 2-1 Empire MMA

(Winner Unaminous Decision)


Mikael Arsenault 185lbs 2-2 Patenaude Martial Arts


BantamWeight Title


Amro Abu Farha 135lbs 4-0  MMA   Joslin’s MMA


Mike Jones 135lbs 7-2-1 MMA\Muay Thai  Tristar Gym

New Bantamweight Champion Jones by Split Decision



Featherweight Title


Brandon Lee  145lbs 3-3 H20 MMA

New Featherweight Champion Lee RNC 1:09 sec Round 1


Deven McIntyre 145lbs 3-0 Seaway Academy



Lightweight Title


Patrick Connors 155lbs 5-4 Empire MMA


Justin Grant 155lbs 5-0 Tristar Gym

New Lightweight Champion Unamimous Decision